Emigrants from Germany to USA

Heinrich / Henry Vielhauer

  1. was born 12.01.1837 in Freinsheim/ Bavaria (today Rheinland-Pfalz).
  2. he married 20.03.1869 Margarethe Rupprecht in Detroit USA.
  3. - Margarethe was born 20.03.1848 in Freinsheim/ Bavaria
  4. he died 08.11.1897 in Bellville, Illinois.

This family Vielhauer comes from Neckargartach –Neulussheim- Carlsberg to Freinsheim

Henry and Margarethe have had 5 children: Elizabeth, Theodor, Anna Emma, Hugo and Ernest Oscar. They have 9 grandchildren, 38 great-grandchildren, 103 great-great-grandchildren and 110 great- great-great-grandchildren.

Johann Heinrich / John Henry Vielhauer

  1. was born 22.11.1862 in Massenbachhausen/ Baden-Württemberg.
  2. he emigrated 03.09.1888 with HMS Suevia
  3. he married 18.01.1892 Marie Schlatter in San Francisco CA,USA
  4. he died  

The father from Henry was born in Kirchardt/ Baden-Württemberg. The graet-grandfather was born in Boeckingen/ Baden-Württemberg and moved to Kirchardt.

John Henry and Marie have had 5 children: John Henry, Frank, Herbert Bismarck, Leona and Betty

Wilhelm / Wiliam Vielhauer

  1. was born 25.04.1838 in Boeckingen/ Baden-Württemberg.
  2. he emigrated 1852
  3. he married 18.01.1892 Mary Dietz in Point Rock,USA
  4. he died  04.02.1916 in Herkimer NY, USA

Wiliam and Mary have had 8 children: 

Philipp Vielhauer (Vilhauer)

  1. was born  in Glücksthal/ Russia
  2. he emigrated 23.07.1873 with HMS Cimbria from Odessa in Russia to New York
  3. he married 28.01.1858 Eva Hochhalter in Cassel, Russia
  4. he died  04.02.1916 in Herkimer NY, USA

The father from Philipp was very likely Johann Vielhauer, born in Walldorf/ Baden-Württemberg, he died 04.06.1840 in Gluecksthal/ Russia

Philipp and Eva have fifteen children, ten are born in Cassel and five in South Dakota.
Rufus, a descendant, has made a Vilhauer-reunion 1980 in Kingsfischer/ OK