Pfaffenhofen 2010

4. International Vielhauer-Reunion 13.- 16.05.2010 in Pfaffenhofen a.d.Ilm

In Pfaffenhofen meet Vielhauer-Namesakes fourth time. The meeting was organized from Wolfgang Vielhauer. It was a big happening. From USA are come 5 namesakes. Chelsea P. and Charles L. Vielhauer come first time.

At Thursday was the first meeting in „Mueller-Braeu“ near market place. We have had a lot to tell.

At Friday we all have visited Munich. At the evening we meet in the monastery “Scheyern”. We have heard Bavarian music and drank Bavarian Beer. At Saturday we have had a guided tour in Pfaffenhofen with old history (1000 years) and we visited a manufactory for candels.

The Vielhauer -evening in „Mueller-Braeu“saw 38 namesakes for eating, drinking and talking. Sunday-morning we have a little service before we say: „good bye“ and „ hope to see you again“ in two years.

5. International Vielhauer -reunion

 May 2012

 D- 48143 Münster in Westfalen 

I send greetings from Vielhauer to Vielhauer and Vilhauer

Hans L. Vielhauer

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