Meißen 2008

3. International Vielhauer-Reunion 22.-25. 05.2008 in Meißen

In Meißen meet Vielhauer-Namesakes third time. The meeting was organized from Inge Vielhauer. It was a big happening.

From USA are come 6 namesakes. They could first time meet thier cousins.
At Thursday was the first meeting  in „Cafe am Dom“ near the cathedrale. We have had a lot to tell.

At Friday all have visited the famous “Meissener Porzellan Manufaktur” (china-manufactory). Most did not buy china, because it was very expensive. In the afternoon there was a very nice guide-tour through Old-Meissen.

At Saturday we have visited Dresden . We have seen the rebuilt „Frauenkirche“ (s. Mary-Church), the Opera-house, the castle, the old town and the “Gruenes Gewoelbe”, the treasure of  king August des Starken).

The Vielhauer-evening in the „Bennohaus“ at marketplace saw 41 namesakes for eating, drinking and talking.

Sunday-morning we have seen Niclai-chapel and we have had a little service before we say: „good bye“ and „ hope to see you again“ in 2 years. 

4. International VIELHAUER-reunion
 13.-16. Mai 2010
 D-85276  Pfaffenhofen (near Munich)


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